So Key Club is Robin Winter's home gallery in SoHo. Robin is a cool artist and teacher at SVA and a bunch of things probably. I like his history and innovative approach to things. You should probably check him out online and Wikipedia. He's great with offering water too. This isn't his first curatorial/directorial debut whatsoever but I think it's been awhile since he took up this role, at least at his apartment. Oh yeah, he has done stuff like this recently..but yeah..the apartment thing is fresh.

His first artist is Dakin Platt, who I believe he knows in various ways. The whole room was transformed with a big-ass trippy magical landscape mural that is cool bright colors and weird mysterious stuff that I don't really know what it is, as I think I lost the Press Release. There's geometric and mechanical looking stuff and geodes or something and numbers. It's pretty imaginative and a good balance between sloppy and tight, quite unique actually, relative to other murals I've seen. The doorway that goes into Robin's studio and kitchen is closed off by printed fabric that directly matches and fits perfectly into the painted part of the mural. I guess if someone wanted to buy the mural experience without commissioning the same one this is all they could buy as a nice reminder. It's super nice and done well. The walls have a lot of dense texture, which was already there, and is swirly stucco I guess.

Um..there's also a big table in the room that Robin uses for meetings and hanging out and dinner parties for the artists. It has a nice picnic-y vibe with a blue plaid pattern. There's some nice Sunflowers in a vase too. There's also a bunch of smaller works that are plasma-cut drawings/paintings/sculptures/whatever. Lots of free-form drawing with bright nice colors, I think using spray paint or something like that. Funny stuff, symbolic stuff, allegorical, things most people could probably relate to in a way so that was nice. They are kind of cute to me, not scary or overly worked. Just good fun stuff that I think a lot of people would want actually. There's also some black glossy geometric sculptures holding some plants lying around near the window that are pretty nice, but didn't do too much for me, but I'm sure people would be into em cuz they're functional.

Basically I thought it was a pretty sweet show and it wasn't too self-serious. If I were gonna be critical I would say I guess it didn't make me think too much..but maybe someone else would and thinking is always up to the viewer more than the artist sort of anyway. I kind of just wanted to hang out with everyone already there and smoke some weed.